Thursday, 28 June 2012

Celeb Boutique ❤

I have 4 words for you. Absolutely. Stunningly. Gorgeous. Clothes.
Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past 2 years, you'd have heard of Celeb Boutique, a lusted after clothing collection which is popular among celebrities including the gorgeous Rochelle Wiseman from The Saturdays and the TOWIE girls. Why wouldn't you want a slice of the celeb pie and treat yourself to one of their gorgeous pieces? You'd be mad not to...

I ❤ Celeb Boutique. Why? Because it's the closest to celebrity I can get without being considered a stalker of Billi/Lauren/Rochelle/Cheryl. It's what all girls want, to look and frame themselves on their favourite celebrity. And may I add, without breaking the bank either! Dresses range from around the £80-£150 if you want something extra special, CB is the place to go! Nobody can deny that feeling that when the black box with gold writing splurged across the top of it drops on your doormat your mood is at an all time high for the rest of the month! 

<- This. This is drop dead gorgeous, guarantee to make you feel a million dollars. Teamed with a nude pair of heels and matching clutch, it's the height of celebrity without actually being one (shh people won't realise). The champagne finishing looks to me something out of a high fashion brand such as Gabbana or Donna Karen without that sickening price tag - a bargain at only £104.99. It would be rude not to! And let me not even start about the figure skimming qualities it has either...

Do you fancy yourself as a Kylie, Kendall, Kourtney or Khloe? Or maybe even the queen Kardashian Kim? Here's your chance. The 'New York' tan studded trench coat is an exact replica of one worn by Kim K where you can get her look for no doubt a whole lot less. The coat comes with a belt too, so no awkward trips trying to find one to match! Hoorah! I'm from London. Need I say more? Constant weather changes make it unbearable to decide whether its a shorts day or a coat day, why not do it in style? Team this trench with killer high heel platforms and long wavy locks and you'll have people asking for your autograph in no time. At £149.99 you'll be spending 1/10 of what Kimmy has on something she may only wear once. Make an investment!

It's Summer! Well, it is, technically. Off to Marbs? Grab everyones attention the moment you step off that plane looking every inch glamorous. I don't even need to reiterate the fact that this Andrea dress will set of a tan like there's no tomorrow. The neon orange and fuchsia have a real Summey edge making you feel more in the holiday spirit, even if you are stuck in rainy Britain. Celeb Boutique even ships worldwide, perfect! 

I  ❤ Celeb Boutique and it's no wonder why. Amazing quality clothes which really do last. If it doesn't ft, you don't pay. A full refund is provided upon return of the item so fear not. Have CB sweep you off your heels and take a look at their collection. You wont regret it!
I just entered the CelebBoutique blogger competition to win a free dress, enter here 

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