Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012 ... Hello 2013

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Well it's finally December 31st 2012! Another 12 hours and 2013 will be in sight and the champagne will be flowing. I don't know about you lovely ladies but I cannot wait to have a fresh start as 2012 hasn't been best to me. At this time of year it's tradition to have a few New Years Resolutions which we try to stick to. Some more successful than others I must admit! I thought I'd share a few of mine with you all and hopefully (fingers crossed) I can sit back this time next year to see I have achieved them ... at the very least I hope to see I at least tried. 

In 2013 I will

Loose 2 stone - Ah, a good old resolution the majority of girls will try. I lost a stone throughout 2012 throughout Weight Watchers so I'm hoping to work twice as hard to shift another two stone. I'm doing this through Weight Watchers now I'm a gold member (ooh get me) and some good old exercise.

Find a constructive hobby - I don't think it's acceptable to class shopping as a hobby, if it were I'd be a professional. I was thinking about starting riding again, but what I really want to do is draw. I love drawing, anything that pops into my head I like to jot down.

Get the grades I deserve - I'm hoping to start university next September and I need high grades to do the course I'm hoping to do. At this moment in time I'm lucky enough to have them but I'm determined to try harder to secure my place at London Goldsmith University to study Journalism.

Clear out my wardrobes and de-clutter my things - I have a ridiculous amount of things which either don't fit me anymore or still have tags on. I want to throw things out or give things to my boyfriends little sister to make space for a brand new wardrobe.

Work more hours - Luckily I have a very busy work calender next year. Working at Wembley Stadium of course has its perks but gosh it's exhausting. I can't stand FA Cup Final Day, or month. I want to work extra hours for the likes of Robbie Williams and Bruce Springsteen to get some extra cash to save up with!

Take photos - I want to make a big scrapbook full of photos to look back on at the end of next year. Anything that has relevance I'll be taking photos of and I can't wait to put them altogether!

Have an amazing Christmas holiday in Australia - Not exactly a New Years resolution, but I'm off to Australia next Winter to spend an entire month with my family. I can't wait to see my brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles and all the rest. Being half Australian I'm determined to have a BBQ on Christmas Day and decorate a palm tree. It will be such an experience as my boyfriend is coming along too.

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What's everyone's plans for tonight? I'm off to a club in Central London where I'm hoping to bring the New Year in with style. I'm yet to put my fake tan on and rollers in so I'm a tad behind schedule. Getting ready for a night out is a military operation! I'll be taking loads of pictures to share with you once my hangover has subsided but until then I hope you all had a great 2012 and that you're all looking forward to 2013. I'm excited to see everyone's outfit posts and hear what you all got up to!


Sunday, 30 December 2012

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch Dupe

Hello Ladies! Another present most girls were lusting over this Christmas was the rose gold Michael Kors watch. But with a price tag of around £250 it was a case of luck if you received one - I'm going to choose one during next week but until then I have an amazing dupe which makes me feel as though I'm not missing out!

If you read my Boxing Day Sales post (read it here) then you'll know I picked up this beautiful watch from River Island for a bargainous £28 and I am totally in love with it. I just think rose gold is so classy and it compliments any sort of outfit without being too 'out there'. Unfortunately when it comes to watches and bracelets I have a bit of a problem. They very rarely fit me as my wrists are too skinny so I constantly find myself at a jewellers asking them to take inks off watches and shorten down bracelets. I had to have three links taken off of this watch before it fit me nice and snug, and since then I have been non-stop wearing it. From far I think it looks pretty identical to the Michael Kors one, although up close it obviously doesn't don the trademark Michael Kors writing on the clock face. It's not a watch that would make Snoop Dogg envious with bling so it really is ideal for everyday and evenings. 

I hope you'll all agree that this is a great dupe for a Michael Kors watch - the pictures don't do the colour of the rose gold justice. I've eyed up a few more watches from good old River Island which I'll definitely get my mitts on sometime soon! I hope everyone has an amazing New Year's Eve whatever you get up to! I can't wait to see everyone's OOTN and read what you all got up to. All the best for 2013 and I'll see you on the other side!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Soap & Glory - Best Of All

If you know me well then you'll know I love nothing more than a bit of Soap and Glory pampering. Amongst every beauty bloggers Christmas Wishlist this year was this beast of a gift set, Soap & Glory's 'Best Of All'. Originally a whopping £60 for 9 full size products, I (like most other bloggers) nabbed mine from Boots when it was less than half price for £27. I made sure my Mum knew of the offer and to quickly run out and get it so it could be mine on Christmas morning, and sure enough it was! She told me how there were only two of these beauts left when she went to get it too. I've seen countless posts on this gift set, so apologies if like me you've read countless reviews on this already!

This really does what it says on the tin, it's a 'head to toe indulgence kit', and boasts amazing products I haven't yet tried. Of course it has the more vintage products like Clean On Me, The Righteous Butter, Hand Food and Sexy Mother Pucker, all of which I have tried and I absolutely love. But I'm beyond excited to try Smoothie Star, Heel Genius, Peaches and Clean and the Sugar Crush body scrub. I know I'm not alone in saying that the Soap & Glory packaging for all of their products is so gorgeous and really girly. It has that vintage chic twist on all of their products and it looks so nice in my bathroom. I don't know if it's weird to say that?!

Once I get to grips with these lovely products I'll definitely be letting you know which ones I love and probably do a more in-depth review on them individually. I'm in for some amazing pampering later with these, but not before I nip out to Boots to use some of the vouchers which came inside these as an added little extra!

Did you get Soap & Glory's Best Of All gift set? What did you think?

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day Sales - What Did I Buy?

Hello Girls! It's all over for another year. Christmas 2012 was amazing, I had such a special day with my family and got some amazing presents! I hope you all had a great day and you ate and drunk your body weight surrounded by the people you love. I was planning to do a separate post showing you what I got for Christmas in the next few days but thought I'd show you some of the goodies I managed to pick up in the Boxing Day sales first.

Getting up at 6am is a tradition for me, I love the whole excitement of queung up anxiously waiting to see what the stores have on offer. I ran straight to River Island and picked myself up two purses, a bag, leggings and a watch. I have mentioned I had been lusting over the Michael Kors rose gold watch but I didn't get one under the tree because my Mum wasn't sure which one I liked. However I picked up an amazing dupe of the one i wanted for £28 and I love it. I ran to New Look and picked up the cutest pair of quilted shoe boots for a bargainous £10 down from £35 along with a studded collar shirt and a cute new onesie (not that I needed a new one!).

Primark was slightly disappointing. I wasn't expecting a sale as it's dirt cheap which you'll know if you live in the UK, but there wasn't too much that screamed wow at me. I think my favourite purchase was the beige structured tote bag which is very similar to the one from Zara but just a fraction of the price at £12. I also picked up some tops and a small umbrella which I quite liked because of the stud detail on the fastener. 

Debenhams really disappointed me. I expected a much better sale on the make-up but there was no sale on cosmetics so I only picked up one YSL lipstick and used a voucher to pick up Hypnotic Poison by Dior which is such a gorgeous perfume and perfect for evenings. I stopped by a beauty retailer and saw that my favourite perfume Alien by Thierry Mugler was half price. I was lucky enough to receive some as a Christmas present but I felt it was an investment buy and bought two. So I now have three bottles which should last me a while! 

Did you pick up anything in the Boxing Day sales? Or do you hate them with a passion?

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

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Hello Ladies! The big day is a mere 12 hours away, can you believe how quickly this year has gone?! I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a big Merry Christmas to everyone who reads my blog. I hope you have a magical Christmas and eat and drink your body weight times two! I also hope you haven't done what I do without fail each and every year and go along to the closest shopping centre to buy gifts!

I have a lovely few days planned which I'm looking forward to. For the first time on Christmas Eve I'm not out a Westfield buying last minute presents which feels amazing. Instead I'm off to have my nails and eyebrows done with my Mum before a nice roast lunch and then I'm off out tonight to Crazy Bear in Covent Garden (with no clue what to wear!). 

Tomorrow will be the first Christmas I won't be at home all day as I'm off out for drinks and then for lunch. I may shock a few of you here, but I'm not having a roast dinner tomorrow, which is why I'm having one this afternoon. I'm going to an Indian restaurant for a good old chicken korma and naan bread. Yes you read that right, I'm having Indian food on Christmas Day. Far from normal. At first I thought Christmas wouldn't be the same without the turkey crown, yorkshire puds, potatoes, gravy and those brussel sprouts that nobody ever eats but still get cooked. But I think it may be nice to try something a little very different. 

Boxing Day means one thing in my household - SALES! I'm getting up bright and early to queue for River Island but think I'll give Next a miss this year! A long day of shopping will be followed by some lunch at Harvester (where can you go wrong?) and then a night out in London at a gay bar. You may be starting to think I'm a little bit odd after reading this, but what's the fun in being in a 'normal' family? By now you may have gathered my family is far from normal! I'm hoping to get some gifts I featured on my Christmas Wishlist post (read it here) and other bits and bobs I will of course share with you after the shenanigans are over. 

Once again, have an amazing Christmas and don't forget that it's not what's under the tree that matters but who's around it!

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Victoria's Secret Treats - Mini Haul

Hello you gorgeous lot, hope you're well and this awful rain if you live in the UK isn't affecting you (or your hair) too badly. I don't know about you but I for one am a huge fan of the brand Victoria's Secret. I remember watching my first fashion show on TV when I was about 11 years old and could not believe how gorgeous the likes of Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrossio were. Ever since then I've been hooked! It was only last year that they decided to open up a store in the Stratford Westfield (which I went to on the first day it opened. I am a Victoria's Secret geek!) and they only recently opened up on on Bond Street. This is why I love living in London! Up until then I bought things online which would cost a fortune as they had to be imported from the US, but now I'm only 30 minutes away from their stores. Amazing.

I met up with my sister last Friday and we had a bit of lunch and went for some much needed retail therapy on Oxford Street and Bond Street which was great as we haven't seen each other in over two years! As she'd never been to the Victoria's Secret store on Bond Street I decided to take her as it's a bit of a struggle to find if you don't know where you're going and they had all of their new stock out which of course was heaven! As I'd just been paid and still had a gift card from my birthday (yes, really! I completely forgot about it!) I bought a few things. It can be a bit pricey in there compared to the US so I was careful not to spend too much. 

If you've ever bought the track bottoms then you'll know how soft and cosy they are. They literally feel like heaven on my legs. Is that weird? I bought two pairs one in pink and the other in white and they both don the signature PINK logo. Although they aren't colours which go with much, tracksuit bottoms are a staple in my wardrobe. I'm not a chav, I just love wearing them during Winter and around the house. They are a little pricey but something that will last forever. I had my eye on a navy blue pair which I may treat myself to after Christmas. I also picked up the 'Wild & Breezy' body mist and matching body lotion. You may have seen me feature these in a monthly favourites post, but as they ran out I needed more. It smells absolutely delicious. So fresh and fruity, probably more of a Summer scent, but I love it. I find when I use the body lotion and the mist together the scent lasts so much longer. I may do a full review of these sometime in the future and tell you all how great they really are. These were on offer for £18 for the pair so I picked myself up a bargain and a saving of £750. 

I caved in back in September and bought the iPhone 5, and I absolutely adore it. My Blackberry had really had its day and what a difference it's made to everything. The only irritating thing is the fact there are a very small range of phone cases out which fit! You can imagine I was jumping for joy when I saw they were selling this white rubber logo case for the iPhone 5 model and I just went ahead and grabbed it. At £13.50 for a phonecase it seems a bit of a waste of money, but the rubber is so thick that one little drop won't harm the edges or corner of my phone. I love that it's really understated but girly at the same time. 

I think the make-up bag was my favourite thing I picked up It's just plain black silk with an aluminium rose gold bar across the front which says Victoria's Secret and it's a perfect size to store all of my day to day make-up. The only thing I'm worried about is getting make-up marks on the inside of the bag, so I'm going to be one cautious lady and close everything properly. I may sound a little odd to a few of you but I collect nice bags from shops. I think one of the best thing about Victoria's Secret is the way they bag up purchases. I love the candy colours they use on the bag and the scented pink tissue paper inside is such a nice little touch. They only just brought out the polka dot paper bag and inside each of them is a little message saying 'Thank You'. I think that's such a cute little touch and makes queuing all worth while. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll have a great sale on in the New Year so I can pick up some bits I had my eye on!

Have you been to Victoria's Secret in Bond Street or Stratford Westfield? Do you love it as much as me? 

Soap & Glory Small Wonders Gift Box

Hello Girls! Only a few sleeps left until the big day! I hope you've all finished your Christmas shopping and have found a rational way to buy presents for others instead of picking up gifts for yourself. Who am I kidding?! I know I'm not the only one to have taken advantage of the Boots mix and match 3 for 2 offer and picked up a little something for themselves. Well I'd hope I'm not, I may be wrong. I've had a hefty task of buying presents for loads of people this year, luckily most of them being real girly girls who love a bit of pampering which has made gift buying stress free for me for the first time in years. I picked up gifts and if you read my Christmas Wishlist post (read it here) then you'll know I am hoping to get the 'Best Of All' gift set for Christmas, of course if I do I'll share my thoughts!

Individually the gift box costs £10.00 from Boots which I think is such great value for 5 products inside. They may not be full size but they certainly add a little bit of luxury to bathtime. I picked mine up for free which is an even better reason to have fallen in love with it. The only bad thing about it is that it doesn't feature newer products like the Sugar Crush products or make-up, but instead boats more 'classic' products like The Righteous Butter.

Soap & Glory 'Hand Food'
In my opinion this hand cream is an absolute godsend. It's thick, creamy and an absolute dream to apply. The handy mini size means it's an essential to carry around in your handbag, especially at this time of year when your hands are dry beyond relief.

Soap & Glory 'The Righteous Butter'
Body butters don't come mch better than this one! I've tried brand after brand and have always without fail come back to this one. It's scented with that infamous Soap & Glory fragrance and sinks into the skin so easily, leaving it soft and smooth beyond belief.

Soap & Glory 'Clean On Me'
This is another classic Soap & Glory product, and I think I've gone through two or three full sized bottles of this in the past. It's got such a strong scent to it and whenever I catch a smell of my skin it's still there. It's so creamy and moisturising so it's perfect for this time of year.

Soap & Glory Pink Loofah
There's not a better feeling than a fresh new fluffy loofah! And not the individual tiny ones you find hanging up in the shower section of shops. This one is so fluffy it's ridiculous, it's so soft and you can feel it exfoliating each time you use a shower gel with it.

Soap & Glory 'Scrub Of Your Life'
Yet another firm favourite of mine. This is one of my holy grail body exfoliators along with the St Tropez Body Polish. Once again it carries the signature floral fragrance from all the Soap and Glory products and it leaves your skin feeling absolutely incredible. I always use this on my knees, ankles and elbows before tanning and it creates an amazing base to apply my trusty St Moriz to.

Have you picked up any great products from Soap and Glory lately?

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Wishlist

Hi everyone, I'm getting so excited knowing Christmas is under a week away! I originally planned to do a Soap and Glory post tonight but by the time I got home it was far too dark to take blog worthy photos. Sob. I know it's a little late to start posting 'Wishlist' posts but I thought I'd show you a few of the things I've asked for and am hoping to receive under the tree.

1. YSL  Rouge Volupte Perle 107 Impetuous Beige 
I was recently reading Fisi over at 'Oh Snap Babes' post about this gorgeous YSL shade and I just love it! I absolutely adore these lipsticks their formulas are so thick and creamy and the pigmentation is to die for. I love this shade as it's not too out there and is a nice nude pink which I'm partial to.

2. Thierry Mugler Alien Eau De Parfum 
Anyone who knows me personally will know that this is my signature scent. People often tell me they know I'm in the room once they catch a sniff of its gorgeous smell. It's a much loved fragrance and lasts all day, and as I'm starting to run out of my current bottle I desperately need a replacement! 

3. Real Techniques Core Collection
I know a few of you may be shocked but I only own one Real Techniques brush! I own the infamous stippling brush (read my review here) and it is by far my most used brush. I can only imagine how great the core collection is as a few bloggers have said in the past so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the core collection. 

4. Boohoo Gold Sequin Sleeve Khaki Jacket
Not one of my friends isn't lusting after this jacket! I absolutely love it and I haven't ordered one sooner because I'm crossing my fingers to have my own on Christmas Day. It may not be the most practical of jackets but put a bit of sequin with some khaki and I'm on board. I've seen Millie Mackintosh and Katie Price wearing it too which makes it that little bit more lustable!

5. New Look Bubblegum Pink Onesie
Okay I have a little bit of a confession to make ... I now have a collection of NINE onesies. I know it sounds bad but I live in mine. I'm not a slob, honest, but as soon as I get home I look forward to pulling my onesie on. This one is a little pricey at £70 but the quality is amazing and it's a piece you can keep forever. 

6. Soap & Glory Best Of All Gift Set 
I don't think I've seen one beauty blogger who hasn't either a) bought this b) asked for this or c) lusted after this. The fact it's currently on offer at Boots and I know of some people who have gone out and bought two for themselves. I for one am so excited to get my hands on this and have a good old pamper!

What have you asked for Christmas?

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Review: Superdrug Vitamin E SPF 15 Moisture Radiance Cream

Hi Girls! I don't know about you but my skin is a nightmare around this time of year. I suffer with dry patches and the occasional spot rearing its ugly head, so I tend to switch up my skin care routine to prevent it happening. You may remember when I featured this little beauty in a mini haul (read it here) a month or so ago, and I used it for a few days before putting it back into a box and pretty much forgot about it. But last week while sorting through all my products I found it again and I'm so glad I did! At £2.99 for 50ml of product it's a real bargain and really does what it says on the tin. What Superdrug claim:

"Contains light reflecting pigments to give an instant healthy glow to the skin, whilst providing 12 hour moisturisation and helping to protect your skin against the sun's UVA and UVB rays. Enriched with naturally sourced Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that will help to shield your skin against environmental damage and premature skin ageing by combating the harmful effects of free radicals"

It all sounds a bit scientific to me! But after using this for some time now I absolutely love it. Just like Rimmels Wake Me Up foundation, it contains tiny speckles of light reflecting particles so it gives the skin a gorgeous glow, and not so much you look like a discoball in sunlight. I'm usually partial to a matte finish on my face, but this adds definition to areas I need it most like my browbone and the tops of my cheeks. I'm a bit fussy with moisturisers as I have to make sure that I have a product that contains a minimum SPF 15 so I don't get crows feet before I'm 30. Highly doubtful but I'm not taking any chances! It claims to moisturise for 12 hours and I can really feel it hydrating my skin throughout the day, although before I apply my make-up it does feel a little bit stick and thick on the skin. I reviewed the Hot Cloth Cleanser from the same brand of products and mentioned that it smelt amazing, and this is no exception. It smells so fresh and it's definitely one of those products that I look forward to using each morning.
One thing I've definitely noticed since using the Superdrug Vitamin E range is that my skin doesn't look as dull in the mornings as it used to. I don't know whether it's down to the ingredients but whatever it is, it's working wonders. I also love that it's so compact and something you can just pop into your handbag when you're on the move.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Review: Sleek Face Form Contouring & Brush Palette

Hi Ladies, I've been very quiet on the blogging scene recently; I've been so busy Christmas shopping and finishing off work before I go on my much needed Christmas break that I haven't had an hour to just sit down and blog. As I'm sure you've probably gathered I'm constantly on the lookout for new products to wow me and up until now I used a basic coffee colour eyeshadow to define cheekbones and my nose, along with a liquid highlighter from Gold by Giles to highlight my brow bone.

I will admit I'm not too familiar with Sleek as a brand, I've only ever tried the lipsticks which I did love and have repurchased since. I know that their blushes are famed for being amazing so it was no surprise that I loved their new Blush & Contour palette. I picked mine up from Superdrug for £8.99. The palette itself is pretty standard, just matte black with the glossy Sleek logo which is carried on all of their products. It's exactly the same size as the Blush by 3 palettes which means its compact and can be used on the move with the handy mirror on the inside. 

(From Left to Right: contouring powder, highlighting powder, blush powder)

The Blush & Contour palette comes with a contour powder, a highlight powder and a blush powder. There are three shades available in light, medium and dark so I chose the medium palette as I thought the colours would compliment my skin tone. The contour powder is matte, the highlight is shimmery and the blush is ridiculously shimmery.  

Contour - The contour powder is the perfect colour for my skin tone, and I'm an NC30 so medium would be ideal for anyone with a similar colour match. It blends so easily and sits all day without moving, regardless if I've used a primer underneath my foundation or not.

BlushIt's Sleek's 'Rose Gold' blush although it doesn't say this on the packaging and it's a vibrant peach colour with gold shimmer running through it so it really brightens the skin during Winter.

Highlighter - I'm not a user of powder based highlighter as I used my beloved Benefit High Beam which is liquid based. This is alot more natural and definitely more suitable for a day to  day face so I'll get some use out of it.

All in all I'm so impressed by Sleek's Blush & Contour palette. Once the pans begin to wear their product away I'll definitely be repurchasing it unless I find something better for me. But for the price that it is with three great products, I can't see that happening anytime soon. Have you tried anything similar to the blush and contour palette?

Friday, 7 December 2012

Review: Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

Another months Glossybox can mean only one thing - another great product! I received this in my subscription a few months back but completely forgot about it until a few weeks ago. I've never been too into the hype of eye creams as I think they're more suited to more mature skin, but after using this for two weeks I've completely changed my view on them. I had heard of Balance Me as a brand, as they are famed for their gorgeous Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm, so was expecting great results from this. 

Although this stuff doesn't come cheap, it's worth that little bit of an occasional splurge. It retails for £14.00 per 10ml of product and if you're a little sceptical like I was about eye creams, this can seem a little pricey. Balance Me claim that it is 'A triple action eye cream to help revitalise weary eyes, smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines with super hydrating hyaluronic acid to help brighten and smooth the delicate skin around the eyes'. Phew

I totally agree with what Balance Me claim. I've seen a definite difference in the way my dark circles have slightly brightened and I feel like it makes me look more awake. It's a lovely consistency, and it sinks in really well  not to mention it smells lovely too. I think what I love most about this is that it contains 99% natural ingredients. I don't feel as though I'm putting the contents of a science lab onto my eyes which is a massive bonus. Although I loved using this product, I don't think I could quite justify spending £14-£20 on another tube of product. I just think that you can get similar results from using high street brands like Olay and L'Oreal at half the price but still getting the same results, if not better. All in all this product gets a 7/10 from me!

Have you tried Balance Me's Wonder Eye Cream?

Sunday, 2 December 2012

November Favourites

Hello Ladies! Can you believe Christmas is nearly upon us?! This year for me has gone way too fast. It feels like only yesterday I was counting down to 2012. It's now December which means only one thing. The stress begins - Christmas shopping, planning, outfits to buy... the list is endless. As is tradition I have a few products I've been using this month (a few days late) which are a combination of new and old favourites which I thought I'd share with you all. 

YSL Thick Volume Curls Mascara - I am a little guilty of wearing false eyelashes on a daily basis. Who has the time to whip out the mascara in the morning when you'd much rather be in bed? But I've rediscovered my love for this mascara. It separates my lashes and gives them a false lash look in a flash. I may do a more in depth review sometime soon.

Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream - Who doesn't know about the beauty secret that is loved by the likes of Cheryl Cole and Kelly Brook that is all-hail Sudocrem? When I've had a few spots (damn you cold weather) this stuff has cleared them up so quickly. I absolutely swear by the stuff and it's so cheap and easy to get hold of.

St Tropez Gradual Tan Body Moisturiser - Gone are the days of sitting in the garden topping up your tan during Summer. I'm not as much of a faux tan fiend as I used to be, but this stuff gives me a nice subtle tan while moisturising beyond belief. Time for me to put that fake tan mitt away for a while. 

SleepRollers Bun Ring - Bun rings and hairpieces are my absolute life saviour. I have countless bun rings in different sizes but for me, the bigger the better. I find this to be one of those products I can't simply be without. It's so quick and easy to use, and you don't need to use heat in order to use it. Winning.

MUA Undressed Palette - Up until the past two weeks I was using my Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Palette for an everyday eye. I was clearing out my draws when I found this beauty! I love every single shade in this palette and it's an absolute essential for any beauty junkie. Read my full review here

YSL Rouge Pure Shine Lipstick - I have a naughty habit and lipsticks are definitely my guilty pleasure. I have an insane amount. I absolutely love this stuff. It doesn't budge, it's hydrating, the colour is gorgeous and it lasts a hell of a long time. Although it's a little pricey, I've put a few shades on my Christmas list. One can dream.

What have been your favourite products this month?

Friday, 23 November 2012

Review: L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Shampoo & Conditioner

Hello Girls! If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll know I have a naughty habit of buying unecessary haircare products on a regular basis. Last week I shared a mini haul (read it here) which featured L'Oreals new range of shampoo and conditioner, Triple Resist. Being a girl who has put her hair through hell and back over the years, having a brand that repairs damage is so important. I pretty much tend to stick to a shampoo if I find one I particularly like, and having used this for just over a week, I have found my new absolute favourite shampoo and conditioner. 

In all fairness I find that if I spend a little more on haircare then I get a better result - who can resist a bit of product advertised by Cheryl Cole and Jennifer Lopez?! I bought the 400ml of both the shampoo and conditioner just to last me a bit longer than the standard 200ml, and it set me back £3.99 each from Boots. L'Oreal claims that it reinforces hair fibre, nourishes the hair from root to tip and that hair feels stronger and so far I have noticed a difference in the general condition of my hair. It's ideal if you fnd that your hair falls out or breaks. It lathers up like a dream and a little really does go a long way with the shampoo, so a small amount does the job. They both smell absolutely amazing,  really fresh and clean. The conditioner leaves the ends of my hair feeling really soft and silky and if you're hair hasn't gone through as much wear and tear as mine, then you probably don't need a hair oil before blow drying. 

I'm dying to try the Triple Resist Reinforcing Treatment as I've heard nothing but great things about it. The shampoo and conditioner has replaced my beloved John Freida Brilliant Brunette range, so I'm hoping for great things from the treatment. Of course I will report back.

Have you tried L'Oreals Triple Resist Shampoo and Conditioner? What did you think?