Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

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Hello Ladies! The big day is a mere 12 hours away, can you believe how quickly this year has gone?! I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a big Merry Christmas to everyone who reads my blog. I hope you have a magical Christmas and eat and drink your body weight times two! I also hope you haven't done what I do without fail each and every year and go along to the closest shopping centre to buy gifts!

I have a lovely few days planned which I'm looking forward to. For the first time on Christmas Eve I'm not out a Westfield buying last minute presents which feels amazing. Instead I'm off to have my nails and eyebrows done with my Mum before a nice roast lunch and then I'm off out tonight to Crazy Bear in Covent Garden (with no clue what to wear!). 

Tomorrow will be the first Christmas I won't be at home all day as I'm off out for drinks and then for lunch. I may shock a few of you here, but I'm not having a roast dinner tomorrow, which is why I'm having one this afternoon. I'm going to an Indian restaurant for a good old chicken korma and naan bread. Yes you read that right, I'm having Indian food on Christmas Day. Far from normal. At first I thought Christmas wouldn't be the same without the turkey crown, yorkshire puds, potatoes, gravy and those brussel sprouts that nobody ever eats but still get cooked. But I think it may be nice to try something a little very different. 

Boxing Day means one thing in my household - SALES! I'm getting up bright and early to queue for River Island but think I'll give Next a miss this year! A long day of shopping will be followed by some lunch at Harvester (where can you go wrong?) and then a night out in London at a gay bar. You may be starting to think I'm a little bit odd after reading this, but what's the fun in being in a 'normal' family? By now you may have gathered my family is far from normal! I'm hoping to get some gifts I featured on my Christmas Wishlist post (read it here) and other bits and bobs I will of course share with you after the shenanigans are over. 

Once again, have an amazing Christmas and don't forget that it's not what's under the tree that matters but who's around it!

Image: weheartit

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