Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Instagram Diary #1 | Life Update & Chit Chat

Nandos date with my girls - Swedish House Mafia play their last ever show in Miami - A trip to Muji to buy some new storage - Another new piercing - A quick pose before the gym - Lucky Charms for breakfast - Perks of the job being able to watch football matches - Easter Sunday dessert - Marc Jacobs coke bottles

Hey dolls! I hope you're having a great week. I figured that I rarely do any 'lifestyle' posts so to speak - considering my blog is lifestyle and beauty based, it's good to mix it up once in a while rather than write review after review. I've decided to do an 'Instagram Diary' post every month and update you all with what I've been getting up to. If you're a keen Instagrammer, then I'd love if you took the time to follow me - my username is misskendalwestonx 

I've been really busy lately. With work and my media course coming to an end I've barely had time to think. I finish my course in June and I'm starting university in September ... I'm a little nervous to say the least, but I can't wait for a fresh start with fresh faces. For that reason I'm desperately trying to finish off work so I can enjoy my Summer. Although my Summer will be full with work, I'm excited for some time to myself. If you didn't know, I work at Wembley Stadium part time, so Summer is our busiest time - especially this Summer as we have Robbie Williams for 5 nights and a ton of football on. A job in event management is tiring and means the food you eat is always unhealthy. If you follow me on Twitter (@MissEssex), then you may know I've been documenting my weight loss for the last year or so. I've lost close to two stone in the last year thanks to Weight Watchers and some hardcore gym time, but have made it my mission to get toned up before I go back to Marbella in the Summer and Australia in December. I love Weight Watchers - you can still allow yourself treats (hence the chocolate cake above) in moderation and still loose weight which works so well for me. I was awarded slimmer of the year from my borough in 2012 and since getting to goal I've also been asked to do training to become a representative. The whole concept is a bit scary to me, and I can be really shy so I definitely need to give it a bit more thought. 

Apart from loosing weight, I've also been channelling my energy into researching my DJ training course. I'm a huge house/electronic music fan and if you follow me on Twitter you may know of my heartbreak that my favourite music group broke up last week. I mentioned a while back I'd followed Swedish House Mafia around Europe during Summer 2010, and have seen them in the UK twice so to have something full of memories come to an end was a horrible feeling. I stayed up to watch the live stream of their last ever show streamed on YouTube from Miami and it was really emotional to say the least. Anyway, going slightly off topic now I have a few basic disk jokey skills but I'm really interested in taking it a bit further and learning some new techniques. I do it as a hobby and never really take it seriously, and it's something I rarely mention to people. Only my friends and family really know I do it, but a dream of mine is to spend a season in Ibiza and play clubs - one can dream hey! So I've been looking into getting my skills up to scratch for a reasonable price and once I finish for Summer and have some time off work I'll be there doing just that. 

I could sit and type for alot longer, but I don't want you girls to get bored to your teeth of my ramblings! I'll definitely be back in a month or so with another life update and I'll definitely be scheduling more lifestyle posts on my blog!


  1. Lovely pictures hun! Anytime I read through your blog I'm amazed at how much we actually have in common :) I'm not planning to become a DJ though haha :) Also can't believe I'm not following you on Instagram, will do in a sec..well done for losing that much weight hun, you should be proud of yourself! Hope everything will work out how you want it to xxx

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