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How To Grow Your Hair

Hi Girls! Hope you're all well and the sudden cold weather isn't getting you under the weather to much, excuse the pun. Being a true girly girl and having had my fair share of hair cut and colour disasters, I know just how frustrating it is to grow your hair long and healthy. It times time, commitment and above all patience. At the moment, my hair is quite short and sits about two inches below my shoulders without hair extensions, but it used to sit about an inch above my waist. I decided to cut it all off to start again, and it grows pretty quickly now that I've followed what is below. Please consider that this is what works for me, and it may not work for you. So get comfy and grab yourself a cup of tea, it's quite a lengthy post!


Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo and Treatment - I have raved continuously about the hair growth treatment from Lee Stafford, it is one of those products I would never leave out of my hair routine. Providing you use it every time you wash and condition your hair, and massage it into the scalp for long enough you wil see a difference. It nourishes the hair from the root which makes way for healthy and quicker hair growth. You can read my full review by clicking here. The shampoo is a great way to speed up the process also, and I feel as though I'm putting double the effort into growing my hair.

Holland and Barrett Sea Kelp Tablets - If you're more of a girl who likes to use beauty supplement tablets to see a difference, these do the trick. Sea kelp is full of natural ingredients which strengthen the hair follicle and promote healthy growth. I take mine twice a day, and although it tends to make hair greasier more quickly, I have noticed a difference while using it. I picked up mine from Holland and Barrett in their legendary penny sale for £10.80 so got 1000 tablets which would last me a good while!

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Intensive Hair Mask - Every week I treat myself to a hair mask and bounce between this and Aussies legendary 3 minute miracle. This repairs split ends which makes hair more manageable and more likely to grow. Not to mention is smells absolutely gorgeous and leaves your hair ridiculously shiny and soft!


Indian Head Massages - Frequent head massages not only make you feel pmpered and revived, but they also stimulate hair growth by letting blood rush to the follicle. When I was a beauty student I used to beg the girls to give me Indian Head Massages as they are so relaxing and leave your hair pampered when done using aromatherapy oils. If you can't always afford to go to a salon to get it done (it can come up quite pricey), you can get your other half or one of your friends to do it for you. 

6-Weekly Hair Trims - Its a no-brainer that frequent trims at the hairdressers help make hair grow. They cut off split ends to make way for healthy growth, and although some salons can charge an absolute fortune, there are always model nights where you pay a fraction of the price by allowing a trainee to do the job for you. Not only that but you always come out with a new style feeling like a million dollars!

Other Tips & Tricks

As I said before, these suggestions are what works for me and my hair type. They will not neccesarily work as well for you and your hair, but I promise it's all worth a go! These are a few tips and tricks which I have found to be helpful along the way. 

♥  Use a soft hair tie to tie up your hair overnight. The hair won't drag and snap against your bed sheets, but don't tie up your hair too tightly. Loosley does it!

♥  When your hair is wet, use a wide toothed comb to untangle your hair. Using a brush will snap the ends.

♥  Pat your hair dry after washing it rather than scrunching it up and rubbing it against a tough towel. 

♥  Cut down on using heat appliances unless you have to! It's obvious that 200 degree straighteners do nothing but bad things to your hair.

♥  If you must use straighteners or a curling wand, then use a good heat protector. I love Trevor Sorbie's 'protect, flatten and shine spray', read my full review on it here

♥  Dry Shampoo is your friend, Over washing your hair strips it of its essential oils, so if your hair is looking a little flat and greasy, Batiste is the way forward. 

♥  Back combing is just as damaging to your hair as chemical treatments are. If like me you can't bare to have flat hair then take advantage of hair pieces or blow drying your hair upside down.

What are your tips to grow you hair longer?

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