Friday, 26 October 2012

MUA Undressed Palette

I know I'm a little late to jump on the Undressed Palette bandwagon, but this is infact my second one. I loved the Heaven On Earth palette from MUA but when I went to pick up a new one, there wasn't even one left on the stand! So because my everyday make-up look isn't complete without a neutral smokey eye, the Undressed palette was a great alternative. It's often compared to Urban Decay's infamous Naked palette, but at a fraction of the price. Instead of paying a whopping £36 for a palette, I paid a mere £3 as MUA have a promotion on their palettes at the moment from Superdrug (they usually cost around the £4 mark which is nothing if you know your shadows!).

The packaging of Undressed is pretty sleek and simple, just a black plastic case with circular pans for the shadows. It's really compact too, and fits nice and snug in my make-up bag. My only critisicm is it'd be nice to have a little mirror in there, but hey for £3 who am I to be picky?! I must admit I don't use the applicator which comes with it as I find it feels a bit 'gritty' against the lid, but that's because I'm partial to nasty reactions around the eyes.

Shadow wise, the colours are absolutely to die for. They are extremely versatile, and wearable every day. Not only that, but you can switch up your look to take you from day make up to evening so easily. They blend great too, and if like me you love nothing better than a smokey eye, this is perfect. At such a small price, the colours are extremely pigmented, all except shade 3 and 5 because they are so matte but look amazing all over the lid and lift the eyes amazingly well. Not to mention that the staying power is fantastic and you're never left with that dreaded crease line like other cheaper alternatives leave you with. All in all, MUA's Undressed Palette is most definitely becoming one of my 'holy grail' products and I have even found myself ditching my trusty Urban Decay Naked Palette to make way for it. 

Shadows as they appear in the palette.

Do you own the MUA Undressed Palette? What do you think of it?

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