Monday, 28 January 2013

Liebster Award

I was nominated by the gorgeous Lauren from l-c-g-xo

What is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster award is an award that is given to bloggers and their blogs with less than 200 followers. Its goal is to promote the bloggers that are nominated.

The rules

1. Nominees must link back to the blogger who nominated's only fair to acknowledge the lovely person who went out of their way to nominate you :)

2. Once you're nominated, you must tell 11 random facts about yourself! 

3. You must answer the 11 questions that the blogger that nominated you asks, too!

4. And finally, create 11 questions for the 11 people you nominate for the Liebster Award!

11 Random facts about me

1. I'm of English and Australian origin and most of my family live in Melbourne

2. I'm absolutely petrified of clowns and I'm not too fond of spiders either (who is?)

3. I have the same tattoo as Victoria Beckham, 3 stars at the bottom of my back

4. If you didn't know I'm a massive fan of Swedish House Mafia and followed them around Europe during Summer 2009

5. My idea of a perfect man would have the personality of James Corden and the looks of David Beckham

6. I used to dance at professional level but quit after my trainer retired

7. I want to learn how to speak basic Italian by the end of the year

8. I love Katie Price ... don't judge me!

9. My favourite perfume is Alien by Thierry Mugler or Rockin' Rio by Escada

10. Marbella and Ibiza are my favourite holiday destinations ever

11. I'm currently on a mission to loose two stone and so far so good!

Questions from l-c-g-xo

What is your ultimate goal in life?
I think my ultimate goal in life are kind of cliché. I just want what every other girl wants and that's to be happy and settled with somebody I love, have an amazing wedding and move into my own house with no mortgage.  

Where do you shop the most?
I think most of my money is spent in MAC, Miss Selfridge and River Island. And not forgetting good old Primark!

What's one of the best most impacting lesson you have learned in life so far?
I lost my granddad to cancer a few years ago and it's really taught me to never take family for granted. If I could have anything it would be to spend one last day with him. 

What's your guilty pleasure?
Beauty wise, my guilty pleasure is either lipsticks or skincare products. Generally though, it's probably tv. I'm a proper couch potato and I love catching up on all of my soaps.

What can't you live without?  
It sounds soppy, but it's probably my Mum. She's my best friend as well as someone I've always looked up to and I can honestly say she's one of the most amazing women I've ever met. 

Do you believe in love?
Yes I do. I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half and let me tell you now we've definitely had our ups and downs, just like any other relationship. But without putting too much info out there he really is my rock. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? 
I'd love to go to India as it's somewhere I've never been before. I've been lucky enough to travel to loads of different places but for some reason India is somewhere I'd love to go to.

How do you think a girl should act, no matter what?
I could go into a full blown rant on this but I'll keep it short and sweet. I think a girl, in Coco Chanel's words, should be classy never trashy. Too often I see girls acting more and more like blokes and I just think it's a shame.

If you could buy one thing, no matter how much it costs, what would it be?
A flat or a plane ticket to Australia to see my family.

One pet peeve you hate?
I mentioned that I hate clowns but I also hate people watching me eat, especially if it's something messy.

Your favourite Blogger?
My favourite blogger is Kayleigh over at CoutureGirl. I love her photos, her posts, and you can really see she puts alot of effort into her blog. Major blog love!

My Nominations

Questions for my Nominees

What made you begin blogging?

What are your top 3 'holy grail' products?

What is your idea of a perfect holiday?

What do you do from Monday to Friday?

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  1. Lovely responses! You're my cup of tea haha! We seem to have a lot in common :) xox


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