Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tag: What's In My Handbag?

Hello Girls! I've been meaning to do this post for quite some time now, but I'm forever changing my bag and emptying its contents out onto my bed that I've never really found an opportunity to do it. I don't know about you but I love this tag. I'm a real nosey parker and love seeing what you girls have lying around in the bottom of your bags! Just like my skincare routine, this changes all the time and I always take things out and in turn put new things in!

Beige Structured Tote Bag - Zara Dupe From Primark
I bought this bag in the Boxing Day sales (which I blogged about here) from Primark and I have been hooked ever since. It's such a nice size and goes with almost everything in my wardrobe, plus its such a good dupe to the one from Zara but at almost quarter of the price.

iPhone 5 & Apple Headphones
I bought the iPhone 5 on the day it came out because I'm a little bit of a technology geek. (see, the home truths are starting to come out of the closet now) and the bumper case is from eBay. I am absolutely loving the new Apple headphones too.

Make-Up Bag & Products
In my make-up bag I just tend to store things in there for touch-ups etc. Things like powder, lipstick and mascara are amongst the dark depths of my make-up bag. I also carry around Soap and Glory's 'Hand Maid' as I hate germs. I'm obsessed with keeping my hands clean, and the tissues speak for themself.

Oyster Card
If you live in London then an Oyster is probably the focal point of anyones bag. It gets me around while saving money, but I won't even attempt to show you the picture inside.

In my purse I have a stupid amount of bank cards, store cards, reciepts and the rest. I also picked this up in the Boxing Day sales from River Island and I love the studded detail on the front.

Well I'm not going to get very far without my keys! I have silly keyrings on mine, but by far my favourite one is my diamante 'K' inital one, along with my 'Mrs David Beckham' one too.

Denman Grooming Brush
I need to brush my hair extensions througout the day, but I love this one as it really smoothes the hair down too which is perfect for windy days, or any day if you live in England.

S. Pellegrino Water
I'm currently suffering with an awful cold, and have to take tablets and use endles tissues so I've been told to keep drinking fluids. I love this water, I know that sounds crazy but it has a different taste to other waters.

Lady GaGa Fame Perfume
I love this perfume for daytime. When I first heard Lady GaGa was bringing out a perfume I was a bit apprehensive as to what it would be like but I love it. It has great staying power too so only need a sprita halfway through the day.

Scarf & Umbrellla
Pretty self explanatory as I live in London and you never know when you'll need these. The say could start off with the sun shining and snowing by the evening!

I tag all of my blog readers to do this, let me know if you do by commenting I'd love to see it! What do you carry around in your handbag everyday?


  1. This handbag is gorgeous pop over to my blog sometime? Your is fab cole xx

    1. Thanks doll ... just followed your blog via GFC xx

  2. It's been pouring down rain here for two days and I just thought to myself that I need to keep an umbrella in my purse! I love your wallet!

    Lots of Love,

    The NB

    1. Thank you lovely! It rains here constantly so I'm pretty used to it although I can't stand it xx

  3. San Pellegrino is amazing! No-one else understands but it is just the most delicious water. This is such a lovely post by the way, I love the 'WIMH' posts and your bag is really gorgeous, I love that purse too. I saw a studded purse in zara I fell in love with but didn't buy and now regret it massively now its sold out! xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. Nobody else understands how great this water is! Aww thank you, I always change my purse all the time so it probably won't stay aroundfor too long xx

  4. That bag is gorgeous, my jaw actually dropped when you said it was a Primark piece! Also where did you get the scarf?

    Jo xx

    1. It's from Primark too! I love it in there, there's really nice stuff in there at the moment too xx

  5. I'm going to have to check out Hand Maid I think, I've heard great things! I have the same Denman brush and think it's perfect- I love that it doesn't make my hair all staticky and frizzy!

    1. Hand maid is so nice, and it smells like all of the soap and glory products which I love! Totally agree, Denman is the way forward xx

  6. I was pleasantly surprised when I smelt the Lady Gaga fragrance's really nice.

    Jackie @ Minerva Collection Fashion Handbags & Jewellery


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