Thursday, 17 January 2013

My Top 5 Soap & Glory Products

Oh look, another post about Soap & Glory! I'm sure by now you're probably yawning at your screens and know that I'm an uber fan of the brand, and if you read my recent post then you'd have seen the vast collection I have collected over the past month or so (read it here). Somebody suggested I do a 'Top 5' style post on my favourite products which seems like a great idea. I'm sure some of my favourites are the same as some of you girls too which is great. I'll be honest and say there isn't actually a product from Soap & Glory that I've used and haven't liked. That's most likely to be the reason most responsible for my ever growing collection and the need to expand it on a weekly basis! As I mentioned in my previous post, I've found the majority of these products worming their way into my daily skincare routine instead of using them for special occasions or pamper sessions too...

Whipped Clean Shower Butter
I wouldn't even dream of spending £8.00 on a regular shower gel except for this one. When I first bought this, I loved the idea and sound of a shower 'butter', a body wash which doubles up as a moisturiser which smells un-believ-able. It leaves my skin ridiculously soft, and the scent of shea butter lingers for a really long time too.

Night In Shining Armour Cream
So I know I only posted my current skincare routine recently and I did warn you that I was sceptical to change. A change which took place within a few days because I rediscovered my love for this night cream! It's such a lovely consistency and doesn't feel too heavy on the skin but still leaves my skin extra soft and hydrated in the morning.

The Righteous Butter
Now this is an all time favourite not only of mine, but probably hundreds and thousands of bloggers and other girls too. I bounce between this and good old Palmers cocoa butter but still prefer this. It is such a nice product to use after a long hot bath and the extra rich formula leaves problem areas like knees and elbows soft beyond belief.

Smoothie Star Body Milk
I think this is a relatively new product from Soap and Glory and I've been hooked since I received it in my 'Best Of All' gift set (read my post about it here). I know I've always named a body moisturiser in my 'Top 5' but Hand Food doesn't even need to be spoken about as it's my favourite. The yoghurt, oat and honey formula leaves skin moisturised without being greasy and it sinks in really quickly too.

Peaches & Clean Cleanser
I mentioned that I use this in my current skincare routine and I am still absolutely loving it! It's one of those products that I look forward to using and it's not a chore to cleanse my face like some others. It smells gorgeous and melts away make-up like a dream.

 What are your favourite Soap and Glory products?


  1. I have only tried the The Righteous Butter out of your top 5 & I thought I had tried quite a few S&G products. I now have the other 4 on my wishlist

  2. Mine definitely has to be The Righteous Butter, but I also love their shower gels like clean on me. I also really, really love their antibacterial hand gel which is called Hand Maid I think?! Lovely post!! XX

  3. I love the smell of soap and glory products...mmm, I love their body butter and also their sprays! Have you tried their make up! I got my first piece from their collection -a lipstick and its really nice!



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