Sunday, 24 February 2013

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance | Leave In Conditioner

Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner 200ml- £4.49 (Link here)

Hey there lovely ladies! If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll know I define the phrase 'Haircare Product Whore' - I own countless shampoos, conditioners, treatments and everything in between. One brand I've been obsessing over recently is Aussie, I'm sure I don't need to tell you all how amazing each any every one of their products are. I'm a die hard fan of their 3 Minute Miracle (review coming soon!) and I've been using it in my haircare routine for as long as I can remember. I love my hair to feel soft and hydrated, so using a leave in conditioner is essential in maintaining the moisture of my hair in between washes. Step aside Batiste, I've found a new love for Aussie's 'Miracle Insurance' leave in conditioner! 

I love the simplicity of the packaging with all Aussie products. They don't scream 'Buy Me'  when you walk past them, and you'd probably had to have heard of them to notice them. This little bottle of glory carries the classic kangaroo Aussie logo on a white plastic bottle, so pretty bog standard when it comes to hair products. If you've ever tried any of the Aussie brand, you will instantly associate their products with smell. Oh the smell, each any every product carries the most amazing scent without being somewhat overpowering. This particular product smells like what I can only describe as bubblegum, which is weird as it's infact Australian Jojoba Oil. I love the fact that the ingredients are all natural too. It's proof that nasty chemicals found in some professional brands aren't always the way to luscious locks! This isn't like anything I've used before, people tend to think that serums or creams are better in terms of leave-in conditioners but being a liquid spray, it provides good if not better results. You can never overdo it and leave your hair greasy because it comes in a pump form, which makes application a dream. It isn't a greasy formula at all, I think of it as a conditioning spray rather than a heavy duty leave-in conditioner. I can honestly feel a difference when I use this, the ends of my hair are left moist and hydrated beyond belief. If used after the infamous 3 Minute Miracle, you can just imagine how soft to the touch your hair is, and it sits in the hair without weighing it down. I also find this a life saver when it comes to blow drying. I spray this into damp hair just before I fry my hair with a hair dryer and it makes the world of difference. It's perfect for everyday use providing you don't get a bit spray happy around the root area, and takes away that awful feeling you get with using a dry shampoo. 

As you may have gathered, my hair care routine is constantly changing so I think it's only right I do an updated hair care routine sometime in the near future. I've fallen head over heels for this product and I can't rate it highly enough. Are you a fan of Aussie hair care? What are your favourite products?


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