Monday, 11 February 2013

Urban Decay | NAKED Basics Palette

Urban Decay Naked Basics - £20.00 Debenhams (Link)

Hello Ladies! Hope you're all well and Monday hasn't treated you too badly. I know this is one of those posts that has been done countless times; but I'm super excited to be adding this to my make up collection that I thought I'd put my own thoughts and feelings out there on the infamous 'Naked Basics' palette by Urban Decay. Unlike most bloggers out there, I don't own the Naked or Naked 2 palette, as I just can't seem to justify splurging £36.00 on 12 pans of shadow. I do think that all of the shades are gorgeous, so I've popped it onto my birthday list, but until then, I have this little beaut to get by with. 

When I first picked it up, I couldn't believe just how small it really was. It's less than half the size of the full sized Naked palettes, so something really compact which will be ideal for going away or popping into my handbag. For a palette containing six high quality shadows for an everyday eye, I personally think £20.00 is a reasonable price. The packaging itself is made from a rubberized plastic material, although not quite like NARS products, so it's easy to keep clean. There's also a cute little mirror in there too which is so useful. From seeing all of the palettes by Urban Decay, this is definitely my favourite. Something sleek, but simple and sturdy at the same time. What I love most about this palette is the fact that five of the six shades are matte, and one is semi-matte or a satin finish shadow. This makes it my idea of heaven when it comes to everyday eye make-up. It's definitely a palette I can work with every single day, plus it gives me more of a reason to crack open the MAC Paint Pots on nights out! 

I've come to notice with other palettes there are only a few shades I'll actually use, but this is different. I can definitely say that all six shadows are wearable colours. If like me you love neutral tones like browns and golds, then this is definitely for you. I know that four of the shades in the palette are brand new to Urban Decay, and two are used in the original Naked Palettes. 

Venus - An off-white semi-matte shade perfect for highlighting
Foxy -  A matte ivory tone ideal for the inner corners of eyes
Walk of Shame - A matte light nude perfect for an underbase colour 
Naked 2 - Matte taupe shade, ideal for blending into the crease
Faint - A dusty brown matte ideal for a brown smokey eye
Crave - Jet black matte perfect for lining lower lash line

Every single shade is a dream to apply and I can't rate the pigmentation of each of them highly enough. One or two swipes of each pan is enough to work with. Not only that, but the staying power of these is amazing. Although I use a primer everyday, these really do stay put without creasing or budging out of place. I reckon they'd still do so even if primer wasn't used. Each shade is silky to the touch and blends into one another with ease. Another great thing about these is the fact that none of the shades are flaky, so you don't end up with those dreaded specs on the tops of your cheek or underneath your eye.

Overall, I'm so impressed with this palette - the hype was all worth it! I can't believe I hadn't picked it up sooner, but now I have it I'm looking forward to trying out different looks using different shades. Have you tried the Naked Basics palette from Urban Decay? What did you think?


  1. i dont own any of the Naked Palettes either, mainly because of the price. I've been seeing so much about this lately that i think i may have to splurge!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & life

    1. It's definitely worth the splurge! And it's also tempting me to buy one of the palettes before my birthday too xx

  2. I really want this palette, every review i read makes me want it even more! x

    1. I'm so glad I got it! It makes me super happy having it in my collection (maybe that's a bit sad) you'll love it xx

  3. I want to try this so bad, every time I see another review I get so close to ordering it haha! lovely review hun :) xxxx

    1. Thanks gorgeous I'm kind of obsessing over your blog at the moment! xx

  4. I'm yet to own a Naked palette but this looks gorgeous! :)

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