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Urban Decay | Naked Palette | Review & Swatches

Naked Palette - £36.00 (Link here)

Hello Ladies! If you follow me on Twitter (@MissEssex) then you'll know that I treated myself to a shopping day on Saturday at Oxford Street, which was heaven. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. This is something I know to be true as I finally managed to get my mitts on Urban Decay's infamous Naked palette! I can't believe I didn't take the plunge sooner. There was just something about the £36.00 price tag which put me off up until now, but after buying the Naked Basics palette (read my review here) it gave me all the better reason to see what I'd been missing out on this entire time. The price covers the palette itself and two lovely extras, the sample size Primer Potion and the Urban Decay eyeshadow applicator. 

Yes, granted I know this has been out for absolutely ages. But somebody had to be last! I stood deciding between the original or Naked 2 for quite some time, but went for Naked as it has shades which are more brown toned rather than silver. I also read countless reviews on both palettes before deciding, and I'm so glad I did because I'm completely obsessed with it. One thing that stood out for me was the packaging. The twelve shadows are cased in a chocolate brown felt material palette, which I think is lovely. It may be prone to become covered in make-up, but for the time being it's stunning. I love the inside just as much, especially the metallic 'Naked' motif on the spine of the palette. 

The Naked palette is a dream to use as all colours have organisation to them, i.e they go from lighter beige shades to dark greys and navys. I think this was more of an investment for me, as beige is my go to colour for an everyday eye. I know MUA's 'Undressed' palette is a great dupe for Naked, which I also own, but the quality of these are absolutely to die for. 

Virgin - A pearlised off pink shade, ideal for highlighting

Sin - A shimmer/metallic pink shade

Naked - A matte light beige, perfect for a base colour over the lid

Sidecar - A shimmer/metallic darker beige

Buck - A matte biscuit colour, ideal for shadow in the crease

Half Baked - A gorgeous gold shimmer shadow, essential for brown smokey eyes

Smog - Slight darker colour than 'Half Baked', also with shimmer

Darkhorse - A beautiful chocolate brown with a hint of shimmer

Toasted - A light burgundy shade with a hint of metallic

Hustle - A metallic dark off-purple shade

Creep - A shade close to black with brown undertones, with a hint of shimmer

Gunmetal - A grey/navy colour with a small amount of a metallic undercoat 

Swatches as they appear in the palette 

Left to Right: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar

Left to Right: Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse

Left to Right: Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

As I found with the Naked  Basics palette, every single shade is so pigmented and of such good quality, one swipe of shadow is all you need. Depending on the look you want to achieve, all of them are buildable and offer the best staying power imaginable. I don't necessarily need to use the little Primer Potion as I don't find they crease as easily as other shadows. That brings me nicely onto the extras which came with the Naked palette.

I've been pretty content using my MUA eyeshadow primer, purely for the fact I've never really branched out and tried others until now. I think the 3.7ml size is so cute, and I love the purple metallic finish on the bottle. The texture of this stuff is to die for, it isn't too thick but it's definitely creamy enough to do its job. This definitely helps colour stay put throughout the day, and once I've gone through the sample size, I'll be taking myself down to the Urban Decay stand and buying the full size. I'm aware there are other types of the Primer Potion, but right now the original suits me just fine. I've also developed a bit of a love for the eyeshadow applicator, it's a lovely item to have sitting at the bottom of the palette screaming to be used. I've never used any type of brush from Urban Decay but since discovering this I feel I may need to invest in some. The handle carries the same purple metallic finish as the Primer Potion, and has synthetic bristles so there's not a worry about it shredding and leaving those dreaded stray hairs on the tops of my cheeks. 

All in all, I'm super happy and impressed with the Naked palette and I still can't believe I didn't pick it up sooner. I'm hoping this will take me through the next year or so and I'm still hoping to pick up the Naked 2 palette soon to complete my collection. 


  1. I've wanted this palette for ages but I'm yet to take the pricey plunge, really nice to see swatches of the colours, they're all lovely. Thanks! Half baked looks gorgeous!

    Laura xx

    giveaway on my blog!

  2. Great review!! I have all three of the Naked palettes now, and I just love them so much. They're such good quality aren't they? xx

  3. If you're on a budget and considering either the Urban Decay Naked or Naked 2 palettes, I would strongly suggest buying wholesale. With all the counterfeits floating around, it's easy to be duped. One sure way of recognizing a fake is that it doesn't come with any of the extras. For example, the original Naked palette comes with the mini Primer Potion while the Naked 2 palette comes with the mini Lip Junkie lip gloss. If either palette doesn't come with either of these extras, you know automatically that it's a counterfeit. Counterfeits may sell for cheaper, but they're not as pigmented, and the colors don't last as long. And I for one don't feel comfortable spending my REAL money on something counterfeit. However, you can find either of these palettes wholesale for less than $20 USD, and yes, they're the REAL DEAL. I got the original Naked palette for $16.90 USD at and the Naked 2 palette for $16.80 USD at Keep in mind that these items ship internationally, and it takes a heck of a long time to arrive, but it's definitely worth the wait. So if you don't mind the wait or the risk (especially for international shipping, as a myriad of things can go wrong), then I strongly suggest going wholesale. And the good thing is that both of these sites provide secure payment options, and I'm sure there are other wholesale sites out there, but these were the cheapest, and the products are the REAL DEAL!

  4. Beautiful review! I just purchased the Naked (original) palette yesterday (was debating between that and Basics, but I went for original because it has more colors and I do tend to go for satin more regularly than pure matte)... I love reading product reviews. :)

  5. Guess what Trish? The sites you blog above both sell FAKES.
    voguemagic is being sued by Chanel, the owner of Urban Decay and
    everyone already knows that dhgate sells nothing but cheap crap and fakes.


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