Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Professional Beauty 2013 | London ExCel

Hi Ladies! So as I mentioned in my 'Tangle Angel' post (read it here), I was fortunate enough to attend the annual Professional Beauty exhibition at London's ExCel on Monday, and this was my third time going. I promised to tell you all about it so here it is! I really did have an amazing day and spent a whole 6 hours having a look at what was on offer. There's just something about being under one roof surrounded by like minded beauty enthusiasts which gave me a buzz - countless make up, fake tan and skincare stands is definitely my idea of heaven. I got to ExCel as soon as it opened, so going into an almost empty exhibition room was great as there wasn't the push and shove to get to the more popular stands. On arrival I bought one of the event guides which was so handy throughout the day. It had all the stand locations and information along with the timetable for live exhibitors on stage - it came in so useful! I made sure I got to the Sleeprollers stand straight away as I knew exactly what I was getting and then I'd be free for the day to have a look at whatever I wanted. As some of you may know, I'm a huge fan of the Sleeprollers velcro hair rollers and their huge XXL bun ring, but I wanted to pick up the black and gold glitter ones which are gorgeous. Along with those I also picked up the 'Massive Fringe Brush' and their 'Roller Hood' which are guaranteed to give me big hair for nights out. I'll be posting a review of these soon, so if you're interested or are thinking of picking some up for yourself then be sure to check back.

As a huge eyebrow fan, I dashed over to the HD Brows stand which was already packed. I've used samples of their infamous brow palette but couldn't part ways with my trusty Benefit 'Browzings' set up until now. I'll honestly never look back again! Again I'll be doing a full review of the Vamp palette sometime soon as I'm so in love with it. I also noticed a crowd around a tiny brunette at the stand so went over to see who it was. It was Billi Mucklow from TOWIE, and she is absolutely stunning in real life. She was so lovely too! That was just the beginning of celebrity spotting of the day - turns out celebs love beauty just as much as us bloggers do! I was also signed up to something pretty exciting - the Guiness World Record for the 'Most People Receiving Spray Tans Simultaneously'. Before you ask, yes, we broke the record! How exciting. I was sprayed almost stark naked infront of hundreds of people which was so daunting but it was a great experience and I'm so glad I done it. The girl next door to me was sprayed by Amy Childs and she was speaking to me afterwards. I've met her in the past and she really is sweet. Each time I see her she gets darker and darker, but I suppose that's her trademark!

Being a Katie Price fan, I also made sure I went over to her make-up artist Gary Cockerill's stand. Gary's a renowned celebrity make up artist and has his own range of eyelashes and was launching his new beauty supplement drink (which was really yummy by the way!). Gary was so lovely and was telling me all about his make up masterclasses in London which I'm thinking of going too. I also met his husband Phil and both of them were so nice. I couldn't have gone to Pro Beauty without stopping at Crownbrush either. They had such a huge collection of their brushes at a discounted price that I managed to fill my plastic box quicker than I thought. I also spotted Lauren Pope stocking up next to me which was quite surreal. I'm currently struggling with storage space in my bedroom for all of my products so when I spotted a stand selling vanity cases I was jumping for joy. Ideally I wanted a leopard print case but they'd sold out of the one I wanted so I ordered one which should be with me in the next few days which is exciting - I love deliveries! 

As I'm a bit of a self confessed tanorexic, I made sure I went to see Victoria who's the head of Fake Bake speaking on the exhibitor stage. She was lovely, and I've now decided to train in spray tanning and then go mobile. So if you live in London and want a cheaper spray than in salons get in touch after Summer! I took full advantage of Dermalogica's face mapping service too and got some great samples too. The woman informed me that the skin underneath my eyes is really hydrated so I'm now on the lookout for a good eye cream. Any suggestions please let me know! I love Nubar and Essie nail polishes - something about their price puts me off buying them online and from Boots, but because it was trade only at the show, they were trade prices. Each polish cost me £4 which is half the retail price, so I stocked up on loads of Summer colours! I was given so many samples from loads of stands, but what impressed me most was the Crazy Angel tanning stand. I'd heard of Crazy Angel before as they're always at trade shows and noticed they'd bought out a new mousse tan really similar to St Tropez. After a quick swatch on the back of my hand (which was a silly idea considering I'd just had a spray tan) it needed to be mine. It's such a gorgeous colour and I'll be reviewing it in full sometime next week. 

I was an Elemis virgin before Pro Beauty which is awful considering I'm a beauty blogger. I've heard nothing but great things about their Fresh Skin range so I took advantage of the available discounts and picked up the skincare kit and the moisturiser. I haven't yet used them but I can't wait until I do, they look amazing. I ended up splurging most of my wages on Monday which has left me skint for a while but it was so worth it. I'll show you all of the products I bought sometime soon as I can't take photos at the moment because the lighting is so awful! I had a great day and eyed up loads of products I'll be buying once I get paid. Halo hair extensions anyone? I'm also looking forward to going to IMATS London in June which I think will be absolutely amazing. 

Were you at Professional Beauty 2013? Did you have a good day and pick anything nice up?


  1. Im a bit jealous! x

    1. Aw don't be jealous! It was great but there's loads if events like it coming up so keep an eye out xx


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