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Hask Argan Oil Hair Treatment| Review

Hask Argan Oil Hair Treatment - £2.50 Primark

Hey dolls! As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, I've become a little obsessed with oils recently. Hair oils, body oils, nail oils - you name it, I love them. Something which is an absolute staple in my haircare routine is argan and moroccon oil. They really do make the world of difference to your hair, leaving it sleek, shiny and in all round better condition. I have to admit that I've tried my fair share, so buying anymore wasn't really necessary. But the Hask Argan Oil was an absolute steal at only £2.50 for the tube. Good old trusty Primark! It comes in a plastic brown opaque tube with a blue pop top lid. Definitely not ideal if you're travelling although it's really compact. I had an accident with my previous tube where the lid popped off and it leaked inside my vanity case - well that experience was horrific to say the least, but it didn't stop me from repurchasing it.

The only way I can describe the scent of this is that it's identical to Terrys chocolate orange - amazing. I find that the scent lingers for quite a long period of time, at least until the next time I apply it. It's not an overly greasy formula and it definitely doesn't weigh hair down, it's more of a watery like texture, but still has the same effect on my hair higher end brands do. It says it can be used on wet or dry hair, I've never personally used it on my own hair dry but it does work wonders on hair extensions. The oil itself softens the cuticles of the hair due to the added keratin which leaves it feeling silky soft and easy to style. I'm not usually a fan of freshly washed hair when it comes to styling as I find it quite unmanageable but after using this it leaves a nice enough consistency to style as normal.

I'm really impressed by this little gem. I'll definitely repurchase this time and time again, or at least until Primark discontinue it. I find it to have become a real staple in my haircare routine and can definitely tell the difference in the look and feel of my hair if I hadn't used it. You need the smallest amount to cover the mid lengths and ends of the hair, so a tube of this size will last a good while. Have you tried this type of Argan oil?Do you find that if you spend more on oils they have a better result?


  1. I have this and really like it, very good for the price. I am also loving oils in all shapes and forms right now :)

    Gillian from x

  2. This sounds amazing, great value at £2.50! x

  3. I keep seeing this everywhere but haven't managed to take the plunge and buy it...yet!


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  5. Really like this. argan oil hair treatment with great price.Thanks for sharing such nice post. Keep Blogging!

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  7. I am quite fond of argan oil I must admit. Haven't tried this but will keep my eyes peeled. Thanks!x

  8. managed to take the plunge and buy

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  16. Overall product tell about it's goodness.I can termed as the Miracle Oil since it has a lot of benefits when it comes to beauty and health.

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  18. Best Argan oil I've ever used. Nearly all others render my hair heavy, flat and oily. This stuff is so lovely. After applying a dime size drop through my hair and blow drying I get giddy at how beautiful it makes my hair feel.

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