Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bargain Of The Day: Re Born at New Look Cross & Pearl Necklace

Shirt - Primark

Hello everyone, hope you're well! The weather's finally getting a bit better, hooray! I won't speak too soon as it will probably start raining within the hour. I've just come home from Westfield in Shepherds Bush, London and bought a couple lot of uneccesary things which have no doubt made a huge dent in my bank balance. Life goes on. I was in New Look armed with two baskets worth of clothes, bags and goodness knows what else when I came to the jewellery. Re Born isn't a brand I'd ever seen stocked at a New Look branch before but the stand immediately caught my eye. They have amazing jewellery and everything is so well thought out. I picked up some great bits, 2 rings, 3 necklaces, some earrings and an ankle charm bracelet. Not checking the prices (I never do when I've been paid, it takes the fun away and makes me feel guilty all the time) I was so shocked when I got to the tills as to how cheap their stuff is. I spent under £25 on all of those bits alone which was great (although I more than made up for it with the clothes, shoes and bags. Oops.). By far my favourite piece I picked up from the Re Born brand was this long pearl and cross necklace.

If you're familiar with the classic Chanel necklace which has the small CC logo connecting the pearls together, then you'll see that this is quite similar. However it's only a fraction of the price at only £6.00! I've always known New Look to be quite good with their prices but that just takes the biscuit. I love layering different pieces of jewellery, and I always wear a long necklace every day without fail. I've added to my already huge collection with this lovely piece that I'm so chuffed with. It's different to your average pearl necklace and as crosses seem to be ultimate thing shops are pinning to their items this looks even better.

Get yourselves down to New Look and grab yourself a bargain! A versatile piece which can be dressed up or down depending on what it's worn with.

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  1. love this necklace especially with the white blouse x


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