Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cosmopolitan Powder & Blush Brushes

Hello! I hope you're still enjoying this fabulous weather as much as me, although it's forecast rain tomorrow boooo! I suppose that was England's summer, just three days of lovely sunshine. I love Wednesdays, it's pure TV gold. Cherry Healy's 'How To Get A Life' is great on BBC3, and then of course Wednesday means it's TOWIE day! Hoorah! I mentioned in my mini haul post (read it here) that I'd purchased the Cosmopolitan Powder Brush. I sort of got bored of using my usual brushes from Real Techniques (which I'll review soon) so wanted to experiment using a cheaper brand and see the differences. I picked up the Blush Brush recently to add to my mini collection of Cosmopolitan brushes. Sad. I bought both brushes from Superdrug jut over a week ago for no more than £5.00 each which of course is an absolute bargain! Even though I've never heard anything about the brush range from Cosmopolitan I was still eager to try them out and judge for myself exactly what I thought.

I guess what drew me to them was the packaging. I love that these came in a metallic, pink and white pouch which you can zip open. I think like most people I fall in love with packaging before I even look at a product. On closer inspection I actually quite liked the look of the brushes too. They didn't look completely shabby and awful and for £4.69 each what did I have to loose? I trotted back home and decided to put the brushes to the test that evening as I was going out for some dinner with my friend Danielle.

Once I opened the pouch I looked at the brushes more closely and my heart sunk a little. The dreaded malting effect was happening before my very eyes. Some of the bristles on the powder brush were sticking out in awkward directions but I was still eager to try them. So after my foundation I applied my regular powder (read my review here) and I was actually really surprised at the results. It blended and applied my powder fantastically, although it didn't quite have the same airbrushed effect as my Real Techniques powder brush. It's a very thick and heavy brush which makes it great for picking up loads of product on the brush at one time and applying it without getting that awful chalky effect on the skin.

I used the Blush Brush to apply both my bronzer and my blush. If you read my blog then you'll know only recently I have dipped my toes into the sea of blushes (???) and I'm currently using a Model's Own beige colour called Peach Blush. I find that my bronzer and blush compliment each other well and suit my skin tone perfectly. The Blush Brush made application a dream as it is angled so I can really apply it why it wherever I like while I make the fish face. I was surprised at how much product the brush picked up even using a very light hand when picking it up with my brush. I'm really shocked that I didn't have any stray hairs falling down my face, but these brushes sadly won't be replacing my usual brushes. I do like them though and for such a cheap price I really can't argue I think both brushes were my absolute bargain of the week! I think I'd use these brushes as something I have in my handbag when I go out and need a touch up. They aren't particularly compact however I always have huge bags so it shouldn't be a problem. 

What are your favourite make-up brushes?


  1. i've got a set of bobbi brown brushes and i've not yet even try them out yet :)
    would you like to follow each other?


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