Monday, 9 July 2012

Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tan Moisturiser

This is one of my all time favourite moisturisers. Dove's Summer Glow Gradual Tan Moisturiser is an amazing product. Along with the classic Palmers Coco Butter and a few others which I will blog about soon, I would have to say that this is definitely in my top 5 body moisturisers without a doubt. I use a moisturiser every day without fail, especially during Summer, when you're baring more skin than normal. Because I'm an absolute fake tan addict, I decided to stop using my trusty St Moriz for a few weeks and swap it for my trusty gradual tanner, which is where Summer Glow came in...

I've been using this product religiously for almost 3 years now but not everyday. I find that if it's used too much it gives you a bit of a patchy tan around the knees and ankles which is so unideal. Instead I use it 2 or 3 times a week and switch to another type of moisturiser for the remaining days. Summer Glow is also great for a night out (after you've applied your St Moriz of course) as it gets to work within about an hour and has a slight shimmer to it.

As I'm naturally quite olive skinned I always pick the medium to dark tone as it reflects my skin the nicest. What works for me best may not work as well for others, but if you are more pale and are in need of a little 'warming up' then the normal to medium tone would be ideal. 
Summer Glow glides on so easily and absorbs into the skin quite quickly. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing it smells either. Alot of people really dislike the smell as they find it quite a biscuity processed smell, whereas I disagree. I think it literally smells like Summer, it reminds me of holiday. I notice a difference in colour after 3 days or so, and as I have recently been using the deeper effect type, it has definitely made me more of a golden bronze than a dark orange tone. Definitely a regular on my shopping list, I'll be repurchasing this again and again and recommend it to anyone frightened to bare their legs and use that bottle of St Moriz!

Have you tried Dove Summer Glow? I hear the moisturiser is a dream, anyone have a review?

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