Sunday, 22 July 2012

Nails Inc; Malibu The Cocktail Collection in Malibu Mojito

Hello! Hope all you girls living in the UK are starting to enjoy what now appears to be Summer. In London there's forecasts of up to 30 degrees finally during the week! It's about time too, we've had rain every day of July so far. Whether you are going on holiday or not this year I have a great product which is guaranteed to cheer you up whatever the weather. I have a real bad habit of changing up my nails ever two or three days, and in Summer I go especially crazy. I love using block colours in bright fluorescent shades which are a lot more practical than in Winter when I tend to go for warm reds, browns and greys. Booooring. 

I've always liked Nails Inc as a brand, they have such a huge range of colours and each and every polish is long lasting, chip resistant and highly pigmented. Malibu as in the alcoholic drink (yum, Malibu. I love it with pineapple or cranberry) teamed up with Nails Inc to bring the 'Cocktail Collection' which has beautiful colours as you can imagine. I own so many orange nail polishes, so to buy another for £13.50 would really have been silly. I settled on this aqua blue shade which I think is totally gorgeous. They really stand out and make me feel Summery in a flash. 

£13.50 for a nail polish means it's a little on the pricey side however I can assure you it's so worth it. The bottle is lovely, simple and compact which is a godsend if you're sick and tired of weird shaped bottles. This colour goes on in one stroke. No sheer patches, nothing. It's amazing quality and the colour pay-off is great. I only used a top coat and the results were great. I've had to take off my acrylic nails to let my nails 'repair' themselves as they're wrecked beyond relief, so excuse my awful cuticles and equally awful painting. But you can just see how fabulous it looks after just one coat of colour. The brush is nice and thick too which makes application a lot easier than your standard brush. I really recommend this if you want to brighten up your look - it will look amazing with a deep tan. Real or fake it doesn't matter to me! Let's just hope this weeks forecast is right and we get the English Summer we desperately need!

Have you seen the Malibu Cocktail Collection? Which is your favourite shade?

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  1. I LOVE Malibu! :D
    This looks like a gorgeous colour :)



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