Monday, 9 July 2012

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Exfoliating Face Scrub

'Unclogs pores and helps skin look smooth and even'. Sounds like heaven to me! I've tried all types of face scrubs and exfoliators from Dermalogica and  Clarins to Soap and Gory and Superdrug. I was reluctant to try this from Boots as I'm really not into the whole natural ingredients thing. I like my face products to smell nice, so was a little put off by the strong smell of Tea Tree and Witch Hazel. It's really overpowering, although I found when I put it on my skin it felt really fresh and like it was actually doing its job. Sorry for my awful bad quality pictures, my flash is still not working!

I usually use a face scrub twice a week after I steam my face to make my skin look half decent. I like them to be really grainy so I can exfoliate my skin to within an inch of its life. I know it's terrible for my skin, but it makes make-up sit nicer and after time evens out skin tone.

I'll be 100% honest with my opinion of this product. I really didn't like the texture of it at all. It was more of a liquid as you can see from the picture below and there were hardly any grains in it which is really disappointing as Boots products have never been bad to me in the past. It did feel fresh and clean on my skin, but it didn't do what an exfoliator is supposed to *sobs*. Admittedly, after scrubbing for what seemed about an hour my skin did feel smoother but it didn't exactly change the appearance of my pores or skin like it promised. I doubt I'll be repurchasing and as I haven't yet found one I can rely on, I'll be trying out a different one until I do! 

Are there any face exfoliators you would recommend? 

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